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Open letter to my haters

Dear hater,

First of all, f@#* you, f@#* your face, f@#* your mouth, f@#* those fingers you are using as a tool to spread you venom and lastly f@#* the ground you walk on…. I would like to apologize for that brief rant but i felt it was necessary we get on the same page, that i am pissed by what you said about me and my work. I now realize that i could have handled that situation better than i did. I have thought about what you said and frankly i do not think what you said has anything to do with me or what i do. Looking at your words i feel like you are in pain, could i lend you my ear? I feel like you need someone to talk to…

You are entitled to your opinion, i respect you for it even.  You could have chosen to sit there and ignore what i do but you chose to make me know that you have an opinion. I would secondly want to thank you especially for being such a fan… You are constantly checking out what i do and that is why I am where i am. Since you have such great knowledge of my stuff, i feel like your message was meant to give me feedback on what i do, what i can change and what i can improve. Thank you once more.

Despite my gratitude, i have one question for you. Why did you chose to write on the comments, tell your friends or creepily throw shade among strangers? I have availed  multiple channels for you to reach me in person, why didn’t you use them? I don’t blame you for having an opinion, i blame you for making a fool of yourself on my space. I am sure that you could also have handled this situation better and that is why we are here.

You wanted my attention? You have it fully. I realize that i may have ignored your subtle comments and that is probably why you had to result to such extreme measures. I could blame myself but there is a lot of you in my DM, wanting my attention every day. I am busy with my life as i am sure you know nothing about that. I am sorry you live with your mother in her garage, that speaks volumes of your self esteem. Its not my fault you never made it out of that life, is it?

I would like you to take a breath and a day or two so that you can think long and hard about your life.  Mine is not your concern now. It is my baggage as am sure you have yours. I would like you to listen or look at what you said over and over again till it sticks. Then analyze it and come up with reasons why you said that and how it has helped shape your life. If it hasn’t, make the necessary amends. If it has, lets convene here for further details. Bye for now, hope to never hear from you again.




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