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Happy Women’s day

Today is that day that we celebrate the females of the world. This is definitely a day where we get to talk of the strides that we have made in the past few decades or so. The fact that woman decided to go for presidency in the most powerful country in the world validates what i am saying. She should have her own star at the walk of fame for her role in female empowerment.

Anyway enough of the gushing on other people success. Lets talk about how this is the best time to be a female.I am not talking about the right to vote and all that. There is a number of organizations that are invested in empowering the girl child in all aspects of life. Education had been one of the areas that girls were constantly overlooked in. In poor households where there are girls and boys, boys were preferred to study as the girls took care of the household. This has changed drastically because we have seen many girls not only going to school but also out doing the boys in all matters education.

Inequality at the workplace and in life in general had been a big bone of contention. People used to thnk that being a woman limited us from carrying out some tasks and that is why some jobs were reserved for women because they were easier. We have seen that change with a lot of women venturing in male dominated jobs as well as those high pressure jobs that they used to shy from. It is now clear that what a man can do, a woman can do it too, maybe even better.

There are a few things that are still holding us back like the over sexualization of females. Women are beautiful and their features are just as enticing and that opens them up to inappropriate actions. It is annoying that people do not believe that a woman can get to a higher position without sleeping with someone at the top. There is increased sexual harassment in the workplace and in public. There are however policies that have been put in place to curb these shady behaviors and that is a plus for the female tribe.

There is that issue of women bringing other women down. That, however, cannot be put on the world as it is our fault. We need to help each other out as we all know hard it is for us to succeed alone. We need to hold each others’ hand in this journey because if one of us makes it, we make it in turn. It is destructive to be jealous and trying to cut each other off because it not only speaks volumes of our character but it allows the males to take advantage. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER THAN APART.


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