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How to spot a confident man

1. Insecure men taunt and shame. They make you feel like you are lucky to have them in your life. They are not accountable to anyone and especially not you. A confident man lifts others to greatness. He does not make himself the star of the show, rather, he makes sure he uplifts the people in his life to higher heights. In other words, he is not happy when he is successful alone.
2. Insecure men talk of their accomplishments so that people like them. They are narcissistic and all they do is talk about themselves when in crowds or even when they are lone but a confident man always gives others praise when they deserve it. He lets his reputation speak for itself and lets people make their own minds about him.
3. Insecure men argue. They do not know when to keep quiet or when to stop escalating the situation. They might even become violent to prove their point or to change the situation in their favor when they are losing. They always have an answer to everything but a confident man listens. He makes informed decisions and speaks when he has to. He is calm and collected in the event of an argument and knows when to shut up.
4. Insecure men run away from problems. They do not stick around long to see the issues through. They are cowards in short but a confident men thrive when things are at their worst. They give you a hundred percent when you need it the most. They are that person who will take charge even when the problem is not theirs.
5. Insecure men use women for personal gain and have nothing to offer in bed. They are those types that brag about what they can do but have nothing to offer when given the chance. They are the type that will tell everyone their bedroom stories in detail but a confident man ravishes his woman while lifting her soul to the heavens. He makes her feel like a queen and even better, he does not have to share with anyone what you do in the privacy of your bedroom.


2 thoughts on “How to spot a confident man

  1. I would agree with most of these points. I do not think that arguing is always a sign of insecurities though, may just be lack of communication or a misunderstanding. How you handle the aftermath of an argument though says a lot about your character.

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