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How to treat a strong woman

It is the hardest thing for a woman to be strong in the 21st century. It is even harder to be a woman! Challenges that plague us are many but we are the ones to decide what affects us and what doesn’t. There are quite a number of feminists in the world today so i am not going to take up much space trying to do their job. I believe in equal opportunities for anyone who works hard, whether male or female and that’s my stand on the matter.

Here, i want to talk of what people expect from a strong woman. That woman that people seem to feel like she has it all, how do people relate to her? I remember one time someone being shocked when i told them i cry all the time. “But you are the strongest person i know?” They wondered. I agree that i am strong. Heck, many people wouldn’t have survived what i had to endure but that’s the story for another day. I feel like strength in women intimidates a lot of people. I am not just talking about men here but also friends who feel like you do not need them to help you out.

People take advantage of the strong woman because she seems to have it all figured out. They bring her all their crap and expects her to come to their rescue. They hurt her and expects her to still be okay. They let her deal with too much on her own. Dare she fail in her tasks and responsibilities, she gets her ass handed to her without consideration because they feel she should have been able to do better. It hurts when people see you like that.

Strong women are the weakest people in private. They need support so that they can be able to remain as strong as they appear. Strength in women is not just about the physical appearance, the steps she takes, the way she speaks or even the way she carries herself. It is about how she handles the lows in her life. The courage she has when she is faced with adversity.

That kind of woman needs more love than the rest. She needs people around her who are as involved in her life as she is in theirs. She needs the support she gives from all those around her. She is not perfect and should not be treated as if she is expected to be. A strong woman needs everything she gives to the world and more.


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