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How to keep a relationship alive

1. Communication – Talk things through with the person you love as that could be the fine line between breaking up and being stronger. I feel like this is the most important part of being in a relationship because it is the only way we get to learn about each other.
2. Honesty – There is no point of being together if you are constantly hiding the truth from each other. As they say, the truth will out and as we know, trust is like a mirror, when it breaks, it can be repaired but the cracks remain.
3. Faithfulness – Making your partner the only one you have eyes for will not only make them feel special but it will prevent you from death by STD. It is no longer safe out here guys.
4. Support – When it comes to decision making, it is important to appear as a united front to avoid external interference. It is also good to note that when your partner has your undivided support, they thrive and grow as well. Two heads are better than one.
5. Making time – Spending time with each other alone or otherwise is good for the relationship because it shows a level of commitment and interest in the other person.
6. Forgiveness – Mistakes are inevitable even in the best of relationships and being able to let bygones be bygones will ensure the relationship lasts an argument longer.
7 .Compromise – It is often better to lose the battle but win the war. If something cannot be decided upon by the both of you, one has to take a step back or both parties change their mind.
8. Appreciate – Complement and notice the little things about each other, they are the most important.
9. Friendship – Be friends first before anything else. That is what shall keep you together when everything else fades.
10 Unconditional love – Above all, be in love with each other as you first were. Make efforts to rekindle the love when it burns a little low and all will be well.
Love Sandra,


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