Sandra's Rants


This life plays tricks on us, it is constantly pulling pranks and making us run in circles for us to realize what we could have learned a long time ago. We as millennials are faced with a lot of challenges especially in this era. When our parents were young, all they had to worry about was going to school and survival in their “no shoes” life. But with us, there is so much going on and i doubt anyone not born in this era will ever understand.

The worst statement i heard in my life was said to me last year. It went something like, “I cannot take directives from a child!” I was like, whhhaht? I cant even think about that fool anymore because i get mad when i do. I mean, I am 24 and that might seem to be a small figure to you but there is a reason i am giving you the directive. I felt very belittled in that moment and i just walked away and left him to his ignorance. Being in a position of power will not guarantee you any friend when it comes to decision making, that’s what i took away from that day. I learned that not me, it’s him and that is what enabled me to let go of what he said. You see i could have felt intimidated and apologized for something i didn’t need to apologize for or i could have respectively walked away and picked  another time to continue the conversation, which i did.

I know that there are very many issues going on in our lives as millennials and the fact that people underestimate our capabilities sucks even more. Today i learned that underestimating people can have very catastrophic results. Look at the terrible people in history, people just ignored them till they got to a point of being unstoppable. Look at the very successful people today, people looked down on them till they got to where they are now and everyone suddenly cares. It hurt me to hear that a school expelled a student who was artistically talented on claims that he was into cultism. What a load of bull!

It is one thing to not see the potential in someone because they are young and inexperienced but actually saying that they wont amount to anything, well, that’s low. People tend to be harsh to the people who have the most potential because god forbid you be different or do something that people do not understand. Remember that’s just what they think and does not, in any way, determine what you can or cannot do. I believe in giving people chances and a platform to grow instead of actually waiting for the next person to do it. That is what is causing unemployment in so many countries and a host of many other vices that could easily be avoided if people got the chance. Be your brother’s keeper today and help each other up and not cutting down their branches so that they cannot climb.
Love Sandra,


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