Sandra's Rants

With great power comes great responsibility

Today’s wisdom is from the Spiderman franchise where Peter Parker was being forced to contemplate his choices by his Uncle Ben who was later killed by the same dude Peter spared. Talk of irony! I look at pop culture today and i just marvel at how far the world has come. From the days where communication was only face to face to a time where people’s lives are on small devices. While am ecstatic that there has been great progress made to make this world a better place, i cant help but wonder about the future.

I look at the tabloids and see stories erupting daily on what someone did and i shake my head. It was just a few days ago where a popular YouTuber was dropped by a brand for what they call inappropriate comments. I analyzed it and thought that it wasn’t probably his intention to cause such kind of drama but he was answerable regardless. The world has evolved in a way that the people who are most influential are but young people who stumbled into these roles unknowingly. They didn’t choose to have people follow their every word but that is how it is. With a following of a couple of million people, some even more than the population of countries, it is important to know that you matter.

There is literally no escaping the fact that people care what you say and what you do. It may seem like you are just living your life but people actually care about the impression you leave behind. I may seem to be talking to the people who famous but we all have some influence with this social media era. I have close to 7000 people following me across all platforms and about 20 of those actually look up to me and what i do online. Suppose i decided to start a cult and ask them to jump off a bridge, would it be good use of the power i have?

It is often very easy to sit in front of a keyboard and spread hate and inappropriate content but that still doesn’t excuse you from the consequences. Do i think that people with influence are way too young to have that kind of power over the world, heck ya! Do i think that someone should be helping them transition into such kind of power, I don’t know! I only wish that people would realize that everyone, regardless of how insignificant they might seem, have a responsibility to watch what they put out there. As we have seen in the past, the internet doesn’t forget.

I could have chosen to be porn distributor, there is actual money there, or even a hatemonger for politics to get more people to view my blog but that is not what i am about. I wish to make this world a better place, a day at a time so that one day when my babies are all grown, they can have a piece of me that lives on forever in the web.
Love Sandra,


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