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The journey ahead

Lately all i have been hearing is that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step… That’s Confucius for you. He was right though, for an old dude in an even older time. I have realized that standing still, paralyzed with fear is the reason why we die inside. We are so afraid of getting out of our comfort zones that we scare ourselves to death.. Internally of course. I have said this time and time again that if i were to end up average for lack of trying, i would rather just fade away now and save the resources for someone else who would maximize it. I would rather die with constant failure for changing my approaches to life than live to be old and grey and fill empty inside.

I watch a lot of inspiration for myself and so that i can share with you guys and what has stood out for me is the line, start with what you have. It keeps coming up over and over again and i can’t help but feel like it is a message from God. It also has been brought to my attention that He who places the vision in your head will help see it to fruition. He who begins His good work in you will see it to completion.. Another version of the same. I am young and i think that i have hit quite a bit of bumps in this road called life. Nothing in my life has ever been clearer than that message right there.

I will tell you a story to support that. Last month, thieves broke into our house and took away everything that was valuable and portable. I had left my laptop on my bed, open and in plain sight. Out of everything else that they could have stolen, that was the lightest and most valuable thing they could have taken but they somehow didn’t see it. Or maybe never got to see it, i don’t understand it either. I remember hearing that my laptop was still there, i thanked God a million times. I also made him a promise, that all the work i said i would do on my laptop won’t be postponed any longer. I told him that since He saw it fit to spare that one thing, i will use it to realize my dreams. That is what i am doing now, one key stroke at a time.

I have never been average my whole life and its unfortunate that life tried making me that recently. I said no more that day because i am wise enough to realize a miracle or a sign as clear as day when i see it. Writing to me is what keeps me from blowing the top. It makes me feel like i am invisible. I am happy that it’s not just me and my books that get to keep my work. I chose to use the tools i have at my disposal and start leaving my mark. I want when i die, i am as empty as the day i was born because i left it all on earth.

Love Sandra,



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