Sandra's Thoughts

Valentine’s Day

Love for a day or love for a lifetime? This question can definitely be answered in two ways…both.

If I was asked, I would ask for a lifetime. I would like plenty of days and years to spend by your side. I would like plenty of moments to relish your lips on mine and hands all over me. It will be an eternity before I have had enough time to spell out the four-letter word for you. I don’t just want to be with you, I want to feel you… smell you… taste you… listen to you… speak to you… I want to know you for a long time. There are things that I have never told anyone before but you will get me to open up like a flower. I will be scared about what this means but I will trust you. I will always think of you, even when you are lying right next to me. I will no longer be afraid of the floods of emotions because I know that with you, my heart is in safe hands. I will hate it when you bring me flowers but I will always smile. I will hate it when you are late but I will smile when you walk through that door. I will cry when we argue but I will let you hug me when it’s all over. I will be mad at you for many things but I will always want you to do them again. I will never want us to be apart… where you go, I will be there… I will always be right next to you. Please my darling, make a future for me. I will love you more for it.

If He says no to a lifetime, I will ask for a day. I will be happy with just a few hours with you. I will cherish every moment I get to spend with you. My heart will beat in perfect harmony with yours as we lay there, looking at the stars and feeling the wind in our faces. I will tell you the depth of my love with my body and all that I get to give you will not need to be explained. I will kiss you with so much passion, not needing to come up for air. At that moment, I will feel like am the luckiest gal in the world because you will have eyes only for me. The magnitude of the love we make will not be measured because it is explosive. It could be called nuclear even. I won’t need a lifetime because you will already know how much you mean to me. There will be no time for regrets and wishes for do overs because we shall do everything right at that moment in time… You will look into my eyes and I will be able to see your soul. That is all the language we would need to say how much we love each other. I will take your hand in mine and since you haven’t asked me yet, I figure I get to go first. I will ask you to be mine forever, however unconventional it might be… you will protest but I will shut you up with my lips and in that kiss I know you say yes.

I know that we have many ways that they would like us to view valentines but for me it is all up to you and the way you want it to be. It is a day to some and a lifetime of commitment to someone else… Do something stupid today and regret it later in the name of love. Love is not rational, if it was how boring would life be?


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