Sandra's Thoughts

Energy Vampires 

Ever been close to a person and literally feel sick? Feel like you are growing weak and drained? You are most probably near an energy vampire. He can be your spouse, your friend, your colleague or a stranger you just met. All i can tell you is run for the hills. Take off as fast as your legs can carry you. Cut off those ties before it is too late. Time flies and there is literally no way you should waste most of it with these types of people.

Some relationships are toxic, they hurt us and we often feel trapped in them. Imagine if you were married to an energy sucker, what would you do? You could divorce him but what about the baby you have with him? It is not as easy as i make it seem to leave such a person when there is so much to lose.

We all have that person we make excuses for. We get so used to forgetting their mistakes that we get caught up in our own lies. I have a principle in my life….. If he is way out of my league, i don’t try to bring him down to my level but rather work towards getting myself up to his. If you don’t have any value to add to someone’s life, don’t insert yourself in it. As they say, if you love someone let them go. 

Loving someone is hard and it is sometimes the blind love we have that we tend to ignore the harm they do to us. They break us and we still let them because we think they can change. That friend you have that prophesies doom when you tell them your dreams is toxic. Do not let anyone who sucks the color off your picture be in your frame any longer.


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