Sandra's Thoughts

It gets better 

I watch the vampire diaries(hate myself for it) but i do because of the yummy male specimen. Anyway, looking at Enzo talking to Bonnie about the only thing keeping him in check from the siren’s mind invasion – a shred of faith… He says that after years of pain, abuse and abandonment, life would have to be too cruel not to allow him feel love. This got me thinking, what if we all kept faith even the size of a mustard seed? What if we trusted that one day things would get better despite of our current situations?

We have our hearts broken, we go on a rampage and ruin ten more for the one that was broken. We start going broke from our poor life choices, we steal from the ones who need it most. As humans, we never accept fate…. We want to change our situations at whatever the cost. Thing is, we end up paying an even steeper price for our tantrums.

Imagine what would happen if only we trusted that what lies ahead cant possibly be worse than what we are going through. Imagine the reward for handling our struggles with grace and integrity. I believe the universe is inclined to deal us a good hand after a bad hand or a series of them. Trust that after pain, comes relief…. after tears, comes joy…. after devastating heartache, comes healing…. after a long night, day break…. after struggle, comes mind blowing success. We have to tell ourselves to hold on just a little bit longer even if we are clutching at straws. Don’t be the person who threw in the towel a moment too soon….. Trust me you will know and you will be broken.


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