Sandra's How To's

How to identify your purpose

1. It is right there in your accomplishments.
You do not need to look further from what you are already doing because chances are you have already brushed shoulders with what you were meant to do. A regular evaluation of your past and present is what shall guide you to your destiny.
2. It is what you are known for.
Remember what people used to tell you when you did something good? Remember that nickname you got from doing something everyone appreciated? Remember when people used to call you to so something that they thought you were really great at? That’s what you should be doing.
3. It’s not easy or boring.
When you do what you love, there is never a dull day. Even when you get a hang of doing it, you always find new ways to make it better and interesting.
4. It is risky.
Your purpose in life cannot be what everyone else is doing. It has to be something that people will identify you with and it should in turn be done with 100% passion and not sparing anything.
5. You will fail at it …. just don’t quit
Whaaat? If it was my calling then why am i not seeing results? Well, there are certain lessons that you have to learn along the way and it may take a while before people understand your vision. Be patient and consistent and i promise that they will notice.
6. It wont conflict with your life
It will blend right in with your identity. The people around you will not be affected by what you do. Everything in the universe will align to give you what you want.
7. Do not do it all alone.
You cannot make your dreams come true all on your own, at some point you will need like minded individuals to make what you love a reality. Accept the help and watch it all come together for you.

Love Sandra,



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