Sandra's Thoughts

Put it down on paper

I love lists. I have been making them since i was young and i feel like they are an integral part of life. I have lists for everything and you probably do too. Shopping lists, to do lists, bucket list, new year resolutions…..gosh i just got stuck there trying to think of other types of lists. Regardless, i know you get what i mean. Lists are an important part of our lives and if you do not have any lists in your lives, this post is just for you.

To me, making lists is an indicator of plans. People who want to accomplish something are very keen on listing down their goals in order of priority and go down the list crossing them off as an indicator of success. The feeling of accomplishment when doing so cannot be compared to any other. I feel like the fact that recipes are written down in list form is the reason why food tastes so good….(bad joke alert!)

Someone once said that failing to plan is planning to fail and i tend to agree. There is nothing that one can will, WRITE IT DOWN, work hard towards it and then fail. There might be some bumps on the road but those just make us regroup and not quit. Writing down what one wants is important because it reminds us of our goals and makes us work harder to see them to fruition. Make a list today and start making your dreams come true.
Love Sandra,


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