Sandra's Thoughts

Perfect on paper

Many are times we pray for the right partner to come our way. Either we were hurt pretty bad by the one person we thought wouldn’t or we have never felt this love that people keep talking about. We just want the love like the one we see on romantic comedies, or better yet, the ones in Bollywood movies. Sucks for you because you know that Katrina Kaif is not married, or even in love with Hrithik Roshan….no matter how sexy they seem together  (you caught me, am currently watching an Indian movie – sue me!)
I have been in love before and despite it not working out, i believe in the sanctity of true love. I want to be in love again, whether with the same person or another person altogether i do not care, as long as it is love that consumes me. The catch however is, i just do not want to meet someone and live life like every other person….like first comes love, then comes marriage, then come children, then comes mediocre sex, then comes old age. If that happens to me then i would rather die alone.

I have matured a lot since back then when and i feel like i am somewhat an authority on amateur dating. I pray that God keeps someone for me but recently i discovered that i do not want to meet him before i had my act together. A year ago i thought i would be dead for being alone, i felt like i would never rise from the ashes but i did. I want to be in love but not right at this moment. I want to work on myself so that if that fails, i would never have to feel like that ever again. I want love but when i am better than i am today – does that make sense?

I want him to find me happy and comfortable in my own skin. I want him to know that i am better than any other girl he has or will ever meet in his life. I want him to know that i can live without him but i choose not to because he adds value in my life. I want him to respect me and I him. I want him to grow because he has me in his life because the rest of his exes just sucked the life out of him. I want us to disagree so that we can be better at communicating. I want him to worship me because i adore him. Above all, i want him to know that we are two different people made for each other.


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