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Who is Sandra Myles? 

Sandra Myles is has been my alter ego for a long time since way back then when i used to write books that people would request to read the few pages i had added to what they had read yesterday(Julie Iswana love you for that girl by the way). Sandra is very different from me in many ways and thats why i chose to use her for my blog. She is fearless in what she does -you will come to notice that from the way she does things- She follows her passions with a passion and takes risks.  Her way of life is inspired and people love her for it, they flock around her with hope that she may rub off on them. She is very creative like me but she doesn’t care whether people like it or judge her for it.  Her mind is always working even when it should be at rest. You are going to love her i hope, maybe even help me make her more alive.  Sandra is who i want to be when I grow up because she is me after learning from all the mistakes i have made. She keeps me sane especially when i want to give up on everything and everyone….. I guess you can say she grounds me… She comes up with the funniest jokes and the most brilliant of ideas….. She is me with a Twist


2 thoughts on “Who is Sandra Myles? 

  1. I love the idea of consulting or being guided by my future self and comforting my past self. I’ve played with this occasionally and it always feels good. Thanks for the reminder, I think I’ll do more of this. And thanks for the follow!

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