Sandra's Rants

Mentor vs Sponsor

It’s 2017, i do not think anyone cares how they get anywhere anymore. I remember back then when our parents used to tell us the stories of how they never wore shoes to school, which served to teach us the importance of hard work and possibly perseverance because for the life of me i cannot imaging walking anywhere without my flats. I learned that whatever was worth having should be worked for and that is what i have grown up with.
Then i got to campus and i realized that it was just me, nothing matters there. Whether it is intelligence, what you believe in and most disturbingly one’s moral compass. Having to work for something is incredibly hard and possibly boring and that’s the reason people have devised new ways to cheat the system.
The one thing that i actually have reservations on is using someone for money in exchange of sex. I get that it is an easier way to get out of debt or getting a better life but damn that just doesn’t sit well with me.
I miss the days when young people could actually look up to someone and their hard work and actually strive to be just like them. I miss the way we used to look at big cars and run to our homes to study hard so that we can get them for ourselves. I miss the days when we fell in love and actually gave ourselves to those people instead of just random strangers for cash or favors. I once heard someone say that young people should learn to work with their hands rather than on their backs…..Crude but true
Love Sandra


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