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I am Number 1

The new year is almost upon us and i am stoked because it means new beginnings. Out with the old and in with the new. This year has been particularly harder and messier than all the ones i have been fortunate to see bot we can say that it has taught me many lesson  (some of which i shall share as we get to know each other better).

I love seeing people in a festive mood this last two weeks of the year because they show me that they have something they can be thankful for regardless of the ups and down the year had. I especially love the new year because it gives me a chance to make new resolutions. Whether i stick by them or not has never deterred me from making them because i know that failing to plan is planning to fail.

I was to start this blog on the 1st but i guess i was too eager to finish this year in style.  This coming year i see love, friendships and success coming our way guys, all we have to do is believe and wait upon the Lord. Trust me when i say that what you Believe you can Achieve. Happy Holidays dearies………kisses


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